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Cyprus, a member of the European Union since 2008 has one of the quickest and most user friendly process to obtain a Permanent Residency or Direct Citizenship in the world. All programs started by the Cypriot government a few years ago have been immensely popular successfully attracting a lot of families from China, India, Russia, Ukraine and other countries to live in the EU.

Link to Cyprus is a group of professionals which saw the necessity of transparency, adding REAL value to the client’s investment capitalising on mutual trust. We are your dedicated partner at all stages of the investment cycle. In close collaboration with all government authorities, public institutions and the private sector, Link to Cyprus is the investor’s first point of contact.

Cyprus Citizenship And Passport Provider

Why Choose Cyprus?

Cyprus Passport

We offer end to end services to our clients from start of the process till they receive their residency permits or Cypriot passports, all within 4 – 6 months. Come live the European lifestyle with us, in one of the most progressive nations in the EU, come live in Cyprus, the land of sea, sunshine and opportunities.

Our team of experts, legal, tax advisory and real estate will ensure that you receive the best appropriate services without being taken advantage of.

“Link to Cyprus” takes into account both your personal and business requirements. In Cyprus you will enjoy an open minded environment whilst you benefit an efficient tax environment and easiness of doing business.

English is widely spoken in Cyprus as second preferred language, education is given high priority in Cyprus with lots of schools and colleges governing in English medium. Not to mention the 300 days of sunshine and perfect weather in Gods own country.

India - Cyprus Relations

India and Cyprus have long lasting diplomatic relations since 10 February 1962. India maintains a High Commission in Nocisia, Cyprus and High Commission of The Republic of Cyprus is located in Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi in India.

There also exist a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement between Cyprus and India, which helps investors and businesses in the long run. Bilateral trade between Cyprus and India have crossed €100 million.

Cyprus Citizenship And Passport Provider

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